My favourite brand is Imperial Caviar UK, which is run by my dear friend, Ramin Rohgar.

Gordon Ramsay – A Chef for All Seasons

Endorsed by Gordon Ramsay

“My agent, Ramin Rohgar of Imperial Caviar UK, has become a close friend and knows my requirements so well now that he suggests the best qualities to suit the dishes I serve.”

Gordon Ramsay – Passion for Seafood

“From potatoes to Caviar – I always demand the best from my suppliers, that’s why I use Imperial Caviar: every tin is perfect to the last grain”

Michel Roux Jr – Le Gavroche

“I’m fortunate to know Ramin – The man with the best Caviar in the business”

Ronnie Wood – The Rolling Stones

“Imperial Caviar and Ramin are the best in the business, consistent quality – essential to any chef.”

Gary Jones – Executive Head Chef – Le Manoir Aux Quat Saisons

“Ramin is so passionate and knowledgeable about Caviar that we wouldn’t dream of getting it from anyone else. We rely on his honesty with regard to providing us with what we need and he is very ethical about where he sources his product from. It really is a pleasure to do business with him.”

Rowan and Sunetra Atkinson

“Over the 20 years I have been running The Square, there are perhaps two or three suppliers that I have been using since day 1 – Imperial Caviar is consistent, reliable with an exceptional product and run by one of the industry’s most charming man.”

Phil Howard – The Square Restaurant & Elysian Street

“I have been buying Caviar from Ramin for several years now. I find his product to be first class and consistent, which for me is particularly important. As for Ramin, he is an expert in his field, extremely helpful and nothing is ever too much trouble. Long may our relationship last!”

Rex Goldsmith – The Chelsea Fishmonger

“We wanted to showcase Imperial Caviar in its prestigious form, allowing the product to do the talking. In collaboration with Chef Piers Dawson, who created a stunning dish to best show off the caviar, we brought together elements of both the sea and land to present their product beautifully with close-up shots. We created a campaign that encompassed both photography and film for commercial use on Imperial Caviar’s website and social media, and as part of a brand partnership with mymuybueno Chefs, to build brand awareness and generate growth.”

mymuybueno – luxury food and lifestyle company


“Imperial caviar stands for the highest quality, consistency and competitiveness in the market and it’s a joy to work with Ramin for the past 15 years at Zuma and Roka.”

Rainer Becker- Zuma / Roka Group

“Ramin , at Imperial Caviar, is a thoroughly professional man, full of integrity, passionate, knowledgeable and always charming. If at all possible his caviar, its quality and freshness exceed his personal virtues.”

Julian O’Neill – Executive Chef – The Wolseley Restaurant

“It’s difficult to find a supplier that provided quality service and consistent high grade products, especially for something as delicate as Imperial caviar. But even harder to find a supplier like Ramin whose integrity and understanding make us proud in serving quality food.”

Chef Tong – Hakkasan Restaurant Group

“Been born in Russia, and spending most of my life in Russia , I learned about the very best caviar since my childhood. But today we found the very best caviar in London – delivered by Imperial Caviar . And I believe it is really the very best because of the knowledge and dedication of my friend Ramin”

Mark Kauffman, founder of the “Kauffman vodka”

“Родившись и прожив большую часть жизни в России , я знаю что такое лучшая икра с детства и не понаслышке! Сегодня я нахожу лучшую икру в Лондоне – в Imperial Caviar. Лучшую я думаю во многом благодаря увлеченности и просвещенности моего друга Рамина”

Марк Кауфман , основатель “Kauffman vodka”

“Your Beluga “Is Truly incredible…. It’s creamy, but each egg has great individual mouth feel and a clean finish”.Your Imperial Osietra “Wow oh my word, It’s stunning…The Grains are very nice and individual, strong and pop nicely. Great flavour briny and creamy, quite long lasting. Really Stunning Osietra, the grains just shimmering gold, amazing and so clean.”

Kang – Instagram londoneater – londoneater.com
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