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Marketing caviar is not simply about pricing and packaging but more an entrusted heritage. With seven decades of family experience, starting originally on the shores of Caspian Sea, Imperial Caviar is able to provide the very best Caviar available.

Imperial Caviar is a registered CITES Caviar plant (The governments animal health department) and operate under the guidelines of AHLVA, DEFRA, Cites and EU directives. Being awarded the maximum rating over consecutive years by environmental health, demonstrating excellent consistent high standards in food hygiene.



Caspian Sea – home of the majestic Caspian Sea sturgeon is the largest land-locked body of water in the world. The salinity of the water is approximately a quarter of that present in other Oceans. It is over five million years old and is said that, when Alexander the Great, during his invasion of the Persian Empire reached its southern shores, believed he had reached the end of the world.

Caspian Sea is home to 75 species of wildlife endemic to its waters and nowhere else. Caspian Sea Caviar was always recognised as being the finest Caviar in the world.

Sturgeon fishing in Shilat was never an industry, but more a skill set drawing on generations of know how, expertise passed from one to the next. Ramin of Imperial Caviar was bestowed this honour by his uncle Davood , an inspirational tutor of Caviar who in turn was entrusted by this knowledge from Ramin’s grandfather Hossein. The mantle is gradually passing to his daughters Kiana and Ariana to continue the dynasty!

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