The Purest British Salt

With approximately 15 years of investment needed to produce second generation Sturgeon and yield true British Caviar, it is apparent that there is no true British Caviar available currently. For the British market we decided to produce Caviar with British Salt to meet our clients’ expectations.

We have been trialling various British Salts in our production and have found that all Sea Salts (Cornish sea salt, Maldon, or Anglesey sea salt) have a level of impurity of approx 7% of various metals with only 93% salt purity. This affects the flavour of the Caviar during the maturation time, we have therefore teamed up with the British Salt company supplying us with Salts mined from Cheshire mines, giving us a 99.8% purity. We have produced and launched batches of fresh Caviar with British salt since late 2017, we have also produce our Beluga from the Caspian sea with the same salt. New label design changes to reflect this have been implemented. The texture of the Caviar will be unaffected however we found the pure salt yields Caviar with a much cleaner flavour, this reflects Imperial Caviar’s desire to source from the UK where possible.

Experience the Legacy of Luxury with Imperial Caviar

At Imperial Caviar, we don’t just sell caviar; we share a rich heritage that spans Seven decades, originating in the heart of Persia. Our commitment to excellence has made us the trusted source for the finest Caviar.

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